Day 2, July 26th – Vaglaskógur

After Goðafoss we visited Vaglaskógur.

Iceland’s largest continuous forest, which covers most of the eastern valley side south of Ljósavatnsskarð pass. Extending north from it is Hálsskógur forest and to the south are Lundskógur, Thórðarstaðaskógur and Belgsár- and Bakkaselsskógur forests. The different names are due to the land they belong to, but they are in fact one continuous forest. Today there is seed production at Vaglar, an experimental tree nursery. Plants and Christmas trees are sold here and there is also some wood processing.

Iceland’s longest spring fed river, Fnjóskrá runs through the valley alongside Vaglaskógur forest. It is considered among the most beautiful fishing rivers in Iceland. Crossing the river at the northern perimeter of the forest is an old stone arch bridge, in Scandinavia at the time.