Day 4, July 28th – Lindaá – Óbrúadar ár

This is where we met our Waterloo, although we had been warned!

Askja can be reached by two roads - an easy and short road passing Lindaá and a much longer and difficult road which we took because the shortest road had been closed for several days due to a high water level in Lindaá. However, it was opened on the morning of our visit to Askja. Being warned we took the long and difficult road, but on our way back Jöri joined us on our trip and he managed to pass Lindaá without problems.

Again, shortly before the river Markús stopped a group of professional outback campers fully equipped with professional gear. They confirmed the statement of Jöri, and Markús decided to cross the river without exploring a safe crossing! - and after a few meters we were trapped and stuck in deep waters!!

However, the people we talked to kept an eye on us and came back and rescued us! Next time I will bring waders and explore any river before crossing!