Australia, Pinot Noir

Pinot noir tasting
As a Pinot Noir/Burgundy freak I had looked very much forward to tasting these wines mostly based in Great Southern which has a climate claimed to meet the requirements of Pinot. I went tasting at Somerset Hill some 17 km’s west of Denmark. The wines are situated some 220 meter above sea level. The north facing slopes and free-draining soils are said to provide a chance of producing a wine as unique as the location! In great WA vintages such as 1999 and 2001 excellent wines which might rival the best of the world might be produces as demonstrated for their 2001 Pinot noir in blind tasting in Copenhagen.

Tasted 2003 and 2004. Although 2004 has been claimed to be a year of excellent possibility the grapes might have done better as a rosé! Surely it is not fair to juge on Pinot based upon this experience. However, having tasted several other Pinot’s during my stay in Australia, it surely takes time to take the Pinot’s to the level I find in France. Add to this that prices claimed do to leave you in doubt what to pick in WA.Generally, the Cabernets and Shiraz are the best red wine options in WA while the Riesling is the best for whites. However, do not forget the Semillon Sauvignon blance blend.