​Domaine Corinne et Jean-Pierre Grossot, Chablis


The Grossots cultivate 18 ha of Chablis vineyards centered in the village of Fleys. Two thirds of their production is Chablis AOC, while one third is PC including la Fourchaume, Mont de Milieu, Les Fourneaux and Vaucoupin on the north/right side of Serein and Côte de Troëmes on the left side. Grapes are hand-harvested, and the juice is fermented very slowly at low temp in stainless steel tanks. After a first racking, the wines age in stainless steel. The malolactic fermentation is usually blocked for the Chablis génériques to ensure the wine retains their fruity acidity and crispness. The Grossot’s take pride in their Chablis AOC which comes from well-placed hillsides around Fleys with an average age of the vines of some 30 years. In addition, the Chablis AOC is ennobled with 30% PC fruit! The Chablis la Part des Anges is made from some 20 years old vines on a hillside next to the PC Fourneaux. This wine is only made available is years, where the wine is plus fin que le Chablis génériques.

Among the PC the Fourneaux est harmonieux et le plus ouvert, the Vaucopin the vines of which are 35-40 years old, le plus mûr et le plus régulier, while Mont de Milieu, Grossot’s top wine made from 50 years old vines, typically comes into harmony after some five years, when it demonstrates complexe flavors and minerals. Surprisingly the Fourchaume is le plus secret!

Our choice from the Grossot cellar includes Chablis AOC, the Chablis la Part des Anges and PC Vaucoupin.