Helludal – Listasafn Árnesinga

When we late in the evening finally arrived at the holiday house of Viktor’s sister, Siggu and Jón in Helludal close to Geysir, we very much appreciated half an hour in their hot pot enjoying a glass of white wine before we were invited for dinner, a very joyfull evening in good company as you […]

Fjallabakki syðra

Our destination the following day was Fjallabakki syðra, an area only accessible by 4WD cars and a compass. Fjallabak sydra or the middle route lies from west to east just north of the Mýrdal’s glacier in the South. It starts at the parsonage Keldur and continues through very barren lava areas, desolated mainly by the […]

Þórsmörk – Nauthúsagil

From Múlakot we continued towards Þórsmörk, which you find in the South Highlands of Iceland between the mountain glaciers of Tindfjallajökull and the world famous Eyjafjallajökull, with Mýrdalsjökul at the rear end of the valley. Þórsmörk is named after the Nordic God of Thunder, Þór, and the real heart of it is the area between […]

Múlakot in Fljótshlið

On the following day a long trip to Þórsmörk was waiting. First stop was the new Lava Center in Hvolsvöllur, an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition, depicting volcanic activity, earthquakes and the creation of Iceland over millions of years. This is the right place to go for educating our grandchildren! Do not forget the cosy coffeehouse! […]

Visiting Ingibjörg og Viktor in Iceland – August 15-18th 2019

Shortly a few words to introduce our hosts. When we first met Viktor, he had a small gallery Studio Stafn in Ingólfsstræti in Reykjavík city. Later on, he moved to some very good facilities in Hátún in Reykjavík. In addition to working as an art conservator, he also facilitated the sale of Icelandic art and […]

Taxon 25

Taxon 25 (Mannheimia cavia sp. nov.) Several taxa of Pasteurellaceae, including taxon 25, were reported to be associated with guinea pigs by Bisgaard (1993). The ecology and significance of these taxa, however, remains to be investigated, just as a final classification and naming is needed to allow unambiguous identification. Phenotypically identical Pasteurella-like organisms were reported […]

​Domaine Le Clos des Cazaux, Vacqueyras

This domaine is also known as Domaine Archimbaud-Vache, from a maternal Archimbaud and a paternal Vache. The Archimbaud family can be traced back to 1791 in Vacqueyras, and it is likely that the property has belonged to the Templar Knights, since the word cazaux might be derived from “chasal” after the farmer responsible for livestock […]

Domaine la Monardére, Vacqueyras

Martine and Christian Vache bought their domaine in 1987 from the Monarde family and immediately started revitalizing the vineyards and improving winemaking facilities. They have been cultivating their vineyards, totalling some 20 ha, organically since 2000, 2010 being the first certified orgnic vintage. The parents were subsequently joined by their son, Damien. The overall aim […]

Domaine Raspail-Ay, Gigondas

Founded by Eugéne Raspail, born in Perignan in 1812, this domaine represented the largest vineyard in Gigondas in the 18th century. After the death of E. Raspail the vineyard was split into four, and presently includes some 18 ha round the cellars in the Colombiers quartier of Gigondas. The buildings also host 2-3 gîtes, where […]

Domaine Marcel Richaud, Cairanne

Domaine Marchel Richaud cultivates a total of 45 ha of red and a single ha of white. Red grapes include Grenache 50%, Mouvedre 20%, Syrah 15%, Carignan 10% and Counoise 5%. Terroir is fundamental to Richaud, who vinifies each terroir separately to maximize diversity from which he makes each assemblage. Everything is matured in cuve, […]

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